if you read this topic,you must reply my question

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if you read this topic,you must reply my question

Post  ngocthiem3g.GK on Wed May 07, 2008 12:27 am

Now, I have a question and hope someone show me the answer.

Tell me about the difference between “climate” and “weather”?

Maybe sometimes you want to send someone a message, a letter in English
but you don’t do that because you’re afraid of making mistakes in the
message. However, you don’t want some others help you because of the
secret of message. So how can we solve this problem? Oh, both we know
that, nowadays most of us use the computer to write letters or
messages. And it is really useful for us. The computer not only helps
us in formatting the letters, it also helps us in writing English. With
the “Microsoft Word software”, we can check the spelling and grammar of
what we type. It is very easy, use the ToolSpelling and Grammar and we
can be sure that we type correctly.

Oh, it is the way I often use when I need to write something in
English (and I used it for this message). I am right? Someone have
others ideas to share with us?

(Sometimes, in the end of the letter or message we have the “Tái
bút”. In English, it is “P/S”. Who know what “P/S” is? It is “Post
Scrip”. Is it right?)

make things simply!

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