Coordinate system

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Coordinate system

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In mathematics and its applications, a
coordinate system is a system for assigning an n-tuple of numbers or scalars to each point in an n-dimensional space. "Scalars" in many
cases means real numbers, but, depending on
context, can mean complex numbers or elements of
some other commutative ring. For
complicated spaces, it is often not possible to provide one consistent
coordinate system for the entire space. In this case, a collection of coordinate
systems, called charts, are put together to form an atlas covering the whole
space. A simple example (which motivates the terminology) is the surface of the

<mathematics> One member of a tuple of
numbers which defines the position of a point in some space. Commonly used
coordinate systems have as many coordinates as their are dimensions in the
space, e.g. a pair for two dimensions. The most common coordinate system is Cartesian coordinates,
probably followed by polar

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